An Insight On Climber Earrings

Beauty is, indeed, in the eyes of the beholder. Earrings are an intricate aspect of a person’s beauty. Fun fact – the earlobe represents an individual’s status in society and income. The earring has dramatically improved over time. One example of these earrings is the climber earring. Here are a few things you should know about the ear climber earrings.

What is an Ear Climber Earring?

The ear climber earring is the most recent type of earring in the market. As the name suggests, the earring climbs up the ear lobe with its elongated end. It is most preferable to other earrings because it does not require multiple piercings. One piercing on the earring is used to hold it in place to enable the elongated end to crawl up to the top of the earlobe.

There are numerous types of ear climber earrings that are meant for different occasions. Here are some of the most common.

Types of Ear Climber Earrings and the Required Occasion

On most occasions, ear climber earrings are categorized according to the shape and embedded gems.

The Flower Ear Climber Earring is carved into the shape of a flower. There are silver and gold-coated varieties. This type of earring is suited for weddings and engagement parties. It typically costs $30 and is worth every dollar!

The Crescent Moon Ear Climber Earring is carved into the shape of a crescent moon. This design makes it perfect when fitting it into the earlobe. It is ideal for dinner dates as it blends with almost all dresses. For only a few dollars, you can get a pair of these earrings.

Dot Ear Climbers are designed as a series of dot pearls. The first pearl that is embedded into the piercing is usually more extensive than the subsequent pearls. This earring comes in handy for casual dates and activities. A silver-based dotted earring costs $18.

The Mountain Climber Earring is carved into the shape of a mountain. There are gold and silver-colored earrings. Due to the shape of the earring, it is not as elongated as other types of climber earrings. It is suitable for general outdoor activities. It only costs $15 to purchase these earrings.

Why Should I Consider Climber Earrings?

The elongated nature of climber earrings immensely increases the grip effect and holds the earring in place. This effect could come in handy in cases where the pin lets go from the piercing. Instead of falling off, the earring is held in place.

Unlike dangling earrings, climber earrings do not exert force against your earlobes. They are designed to fit perfectly with the shape of your ear. This advantage makes them suitable for people of all ages.

Where Can I Get Ear Climber Earrings?

Most jewelry shops have both physical and online presence. Ear climber earrings can be purchased from any jewelry shop near you. You can also look up the various jewelry stores online to see the latest ear climber earrings offers.

Lastly, transform your aesthetic standards by rewarding yourself with ear climber earrings.