Eight Popular Types of Nose Rings For A Stylish Look

Nose rings are a long-standing trend worn by people throughout the world for aesthetic, cultural, and religious reasons. Nose piercing has been around for over 6000 years. A nose ring is a pretty effective way to enhance the overall look. It is stylish yet modest, making it the ideal type of minimal piercing for a professional environment. Here are some common nose jewelry types-

Captive Bead Ring

Captive bead rings go by several names, including hoops, ball closure rings, and ball rings. These rings feature a tiny bead or ball that slides into a ring groove. The bead is slightly bigger than the gap and has tiny indentations to offer a snug fit. These are perfect for those who have their nostril or septum pierced.

Seamless Nose Ring

No clasps are seen on seamless nose rings or hoops. They are ideal for septum or nostril piercings. To wear and remove the ends, one needs to twist them rather than pulling.

Septum Clickers

Septum clickers latch into the septum. This nose jewelry comes in various attractive, exquisite designs and is simple to put on. Septum clickers have a bar on top and a circular hoop on the bottom. The top bar is inserted through the septum and fastened, letting the hoop dangle loosely.

Straight Barbell

Straight barbells are straight bars with round balls or beads attached to the end. They are available in a variety of diameter sizes and materials. Piercers often use them for nasallang, Austin bar, and rhino piercings.

Corkscrew Nose Ring

The top of the corkscrew nose ring is ornamental, and the end of the post is straight but bent into a C shape. To wear it, one needs to coil it into the nose, with the curved piece resting against the roof of the nose. They are put on in nostril piercings.

Labret Nose Stud

The rear of the labret studs is flat, and the top is screwed on. This top can be a sleek metal ball or a beautiful gemstone. These studs are often used for labret lip piercings, but they are also suitable for nostril piercings.

Fishtail Nose Stud

A fishtail stud is ideal for a tailored fit. They have a long bar and an ornamental top. To bend the bar to fit the nostril size, one must take it to a piercing specialist.

L-shaped nose stud

L-shaped nose jewelry has a stem that is right-angled and curved to form a capital “L.” The L-section is pushed against the roof of the nose and used for nostril piercings. L-shaped studs are popular because they are simple to take off.


These are some of the popular types of nose rings. From non-metals like bioplast, glass, and acrylic to metals like gold, sterling silver, and titanium, manufacturers create nose rings and studs from various materials. Using the proper material will prevent skin discomfort and the formation of piercing blisters.