Everything to Know About Ear Climber Earrings

Many lusts after the beauty of a wholly pierced ear yet shudder at the prospect of adding more piercings? Behold, as there is a more fear-friendly option.

One may not have seen the numerous other possibilities out there if they think a conventional lobe piercing is the only way to adorn their ears.The ear climber earrings or ear crawlers are options for those who want adventure but without the pain and risk of piercings.

What are ear climber earrings?

Ear climbers are a new and uncommon form of earring that gives a unique look to the wearer without requiring several holes. This unique earring shape gets its name because it “climbs” up the ear when worn – think of it as an elongated stud earring.

How to wear ear climbers?

Ear Climbers are similar to hook-through drop earrings in that they have a long, s-shaped hook at the rear. Between the hook at the back and the front of the climber, lightly grab your earlobe. Insert the hook into your piercing like a drop earring. Rotate the Ear Climber up so that the earring design travels up your earlobe after threading the pin through your piercing. Climber earrings only require one piercing and are adjusted into place to travel up your earlobe once installed.

Different styles of ear climbers

There are multiple choices to pick from in the case of ear climber earrings.

Big and Bold

Big and bold ear climbers are the ones that go way up to the ear tip. To style this type, the dazzling piece of earring can be the only piece of jewelry, except an elegant complementing ring that keeps the rest of the outfit practically unadorned. Keep the remainder of your jewelry to a bare minimum to avoid over-accessorizing.

Curled Up

This style is different from the one discussed above. This type can be in any material- gold, silver, steel, or metal alloy. This climber curls up on the lobe and may or may not be devoid of stones. A single stud at the upper cartilage balances out the look’s symmetry. This is a stylish and understated way to wear ear climbers.

Climber with a cuff

This climber earring is a mix of a climber and a cuff. The climber’s cuffed style goes well with the two hoop pieces or can also be worn by itself. To minimize overcrowding, leave enough space between various parts of jewelry.

Climber in a stud

This style of climber gives an impression of a cluster of studs being worn together. This is essentially an elegant style with just the right amount of edge. Usually, the single climber fills the entire earlobe, creating the appearance of several lobe piercings. This results in a layered aesthetic that stands out on its own.


Choosing different styles of ear climbers can glam up the style quotient with a single piece of jewelry while it may be worn just to complement the rest of the look. Whatever the choice, climbers are an excellent alternative for glamping up the face without getting into extremes of getting multiple piercings.


An Insight On Climber Earrings

Beauty is, indeed, in the eyes of the beholder. Earrings are an intricate aspect of a person’s beauty. Fun fact – the earlobe represents an individual’s status in society and income. The earring has dramatically improved over time. One example of these earrings is the climber earring. Here are a few things you should know […]