Finding the perfect gifts for your Christmas guests is hard. Everyone who’s had to go shopping for gifts knows that it’s impossible to figure out what to get people until you’re nearly panicking. Then you end up getting them generic gifts like socks, gift cards, or random bath products.

If you’d like to change things up this year, read on. Below is a list of unusual gifts we think would be perfect for your guests.


These gifts might not be the first things you’ll think about gifting your guests, but they’re perfect if you think about them.


Normally, crackers are used to celebrate Christmas during dinner, but not a lot of people know that they can also make great gifts, especially these Clear Crystal Christmas Crackers.

Clear Crystal Christmas Crackers are made with Crystal from SWAROVSKI®. Each of the boxes has been made in the UK and contains six crackers per box.

Inside each box are three male, and three female-themed gifts – with some gifts suitable for unisex.

The treats will add a touch of luxury over any supermarket crackers, as each gift is made with crystals from SWAROVSKI®, and include a Velvet Jewellery Pouch, Hat, and of course a joke.

Who doesn’t want jewelry as a gift? They’re perfect for both males and females, and they even come with a joke. Everyone wants to laugh during Christmas. These Swarovski Crystals are sure to suit your purposes.


Who doesn’t love the night sky? Is there anything more cool-looking than being able to have the constellations on your cup as you drink? If one of the guests happens to be a coffee drinker with a convenient fondness for the night sky, then this would be the perfect gift.

At the beginning of this, I mentioned that it wouldn’t be generic gifts, but sometimes the best gifts are the normal ones given a little spin.

The mug looks like a speckled black mug in the beginning when it’s empty. However, as you fill it with coffee or tea, you get to watch the stars appear boldly.


Isn’t it annoying to have to keep your face creams and crystal rollers in the fridge? Wouldn’t you rather have a little fridge where you can store your stuff in your room without the perfectionist in the family giving you evil looks? I bet one of your guests feels that way.

Your skincare guru friend would certainly appreciate having their very own space to store their stuff. The mini-fridge not only freezes. If your friend has products that need to be heated as well, this fridge does the job perfectly.

It’s the perfect gift for someone who you know uses skincare products.


I bet everyone has that friend who loves plants but can never keep them alive. If you’d like to save them from the eventual disappointment, consider giving them something that doesn’t need a lot of care like cactus or a poppy candle.

Not everyone has a green thumb, no matter how much they wish they did. If you want to save a few plants while making your friend happy, consider getting them cacti or Poppi candles. They not only offer similar looks but they have sweet aromas to go with being sturdy.


If you have a guest that loves to cook, this is the perfect gift for her. Or him. The product is called KitchenAid and it lets you mix and match up to thirty different colors, 14 bowl designs until you’re satisfied with the new addition to your baker.

Is your guest particular about every new addition to the kitchen? Does he/she need a personal touch on new things? Do they like to experiment with different colors and designs? It’s the perfect gift. The KitchenAid can also be engraved with up to twenty-four characters for an extra personal touch.


This clock is perfect for people who love the look of an Analog clock, but can’t stand the ticking noise. It’s a virtually silent no-tick, top-rated alarm clock option that makes it perfect for the bedside table.


This satin-lined waterproof hat is a must-have for any woman who can pull off a hat. It keeps curls intact, no matter the rain or humidity. With more than 800 rave reviews on Amazon, it’s certainly a great gift for your guest.

It has a secret ponytail patch and over-the-ear flaps that keep headphones dry.


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