Body Jewelry: A Guide To All The Basic Ones

Gone are the days when body jewelries were only available at professional piercing shops. In fact, nowadays, just like any other product, you can buy piercing jewlery online from online retailers like Almost Famous Body Piercing has a passionate staff working with them, who thrive to offer clean, safe and the best possible piercing experience.

However, before you go online and start looking for a new shiny jewelry, there are a few things worth knowing. After all, there are many different ornaments which fall under the category of ‘body jewelry’.

Different types of body jewelries

  1. Press-fit Jewelry

Usually referred as push-pin posts and thread-less, this piece of jewelry is commonly used in nostril or ear piercing. Currently they are available in 18 and 16 gauge sizes. However, even 14-gauge labret posts with press-fit option are available, but they are ideal for labret, beauty mark and lip piercing.

  1. Threaded Jewelry

Circular barbells, curved, and straight are some examples of threaded jewelries. These jewelries, unlike the press-fit ones, have one end or both ends that unscrews. They are best for naval, nipple, vertical hood, vulva, and penis piercings.

  1. Nostril Screws and Nails, and Septum Retainers

These pieces of jewelry stay in place because of their shape. They usually come in a U-shape or a staple-like design.

  1. Rings

Rings are one of the most favorite body jewelry. There are many different varieties of rings, which includes:

  • Captive bead rings: In this type of ring, the bead is held just by the ring tension. None of the two ends are attached with the bead.

  • Segment Ring: Just like captive ring, in this ring a segment is held in the place by the ring tension.
  • Fixed Bead Rings: In this ring, the bead is attached with one of the ends, and to remove it all you have to do is twist it, just like you tear a paper.
  • Clickers or Hinged Rings: Just like the name suggests, when this ring opens, a small segment of the ring swings out with the help of a hinge. When you close it back you can hear an audible ‘click’ which ensures it is locked in place. 
  1. Surface Bars & Anchors

Both these jewelries are used in piercings on flat surfaces. If you want to get your hip, back or neck pierced, this is what you should look for.

There you go. Lastly, no matter which jewelry you buy, make sure you know how to open it. in unexpected emergencies, it is best if you would know how to take off your piercings.


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